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3.5 stars
Managing Change in an ERP Implementation
ERP Change Management An ERP software implementation means change. And change, inevitably, means resistance because people are resistant to change. The lack of a change management plan, or under-appreciation of the change management process, has been attributed to many a failed ERP implementations. Here we review and recommend proven strategies to proactively manage change.
2.5 stars
Five Trends in Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software
HR Until recently, Supply Chain Management software dealt with execution efficiencies in the areas of procurement, inventory management and logistics. However, as SCM becomes increasingly strategic, the focus moves to demand driven, dynamically synchronized, global and more collaborative supply chain applications. See the SCM software trends ...
3.5 stars
Advice in Choosing the Best ERP Software
ERP Software Selection Since Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software pumps the heart of a company's life-blood, it's vital that businesses expend the necessary time and resources to ensure they select the best-suited product and technology partner to implement and support their investment. We identify several ERP software selection critical componets.
4 stars
Getting the Most Out of ERP Software Demonstrations
ERP demos

Effective ERP software demos give you the vital information to compare and contrast different ERP systems and help you make the best selection. Ineffecitve demo turn into cheerleading exercises for the vendor's product, nearly devoid of useful information. This article identifies the steps to maximize your ERP demo success, and ultimately your ERP software selection decision.


Salesforce Service Cloud 3 Morphs Social & Support
The Salesforce.com Service Cloud 3 (SC3) is far more than a call center software upgrade; Its an innovative CRM software release that morphs traditional case management with social media for synergistic customer support and satisfaction Read more.

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Featured Articles

4 stars
Microsoft Dynamics AX Review—The Chosen One
Microsoft Dynamics Review Dynamics AX has emerged in a way that many insiders believe it is the chosen flagship ERP product among Microsoft's ERP solutions. In this Dynamics AX software review, we examine the functional areas, software technology, integration and customization capabilities, cloud capabilities and compile a list of competitive strengths and weaknesses.
4 stars
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Review—A European Favorite
Microsoft Dynamics Review Microsoft NAV is a broad ERP suite that combines financial, distribution and light manufacturing software, along with unique capabilities for Service Management, integration to Dynamics CRM and a rich third party eco-system of add-on solutions. The ERP software product is targeted at the Small and Midsize Business market and has particular geo strength in Europe.
RedPrairie Supply Chain Software Review
RedPrairie Software Review RedPrairie is supply chain software leader, and a strong challenger to Manhattan Associates, particularly in the areas of warehouse management systems and transportation management systems. In this supply chain software review, we flush out areas of distinction, strengths, weaknesses, best customer fit and alternative products to consider. Read the RedPrairie supply chain review ...
  Manhattan Associates Software Review
Manhattan Associates Review Manhattan Associates is a clear enterprise software leader in supply chain execution with strong offerings in Warehouse Management Systems and Transportation Management systems. In this Manhattan software review, we apply a deep dive examination to assess competitive strengths, weaknesses and costs of the supply chain leading solution. Read the Manhattan Associates software review ...




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