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An Independent Intacct Accounting & Financial Software Review

Enterprise 2.0 & Social Business Capabilities

Intacct has no proprietary Enterprise 2.0 or social business tools. However, the company does partner with SaaS social solutions such as Avectra and Avectra provides a social CRM solution for associations, foundations and not-for-profits while delivers industry leading social CRM products such as Chatter, and Radian6. The Intacct API (Application Programming Interface) may be used to integrate to other Enterprise 2.0 or social media applications.

Reporting and Analytics Capabilities

Intacct provides reporting capabilities through its base modules as well as through its optional Intacct Insights module. Insights includes a graphical, wizard driven report writer that is simple to use and effective in creating custom reports. Dashboards can be customized by individual users to include daily routine tasks and operations, and key performance indicators (KPIs) can be defined and even feature global taxation or localized accounting information if the Intacct application is used as a multi-tiered ERP strategy.

As is the norm with online accounting and SaaS ERP systems, Intacct reporting does not include more advanced analytics capabilities such as data warehousing, data marts, OLAP (online analytical processing) or predictive modeling.

Professional Services Automation (PSA)

The Intacct Professional Services edition, combined with the Project Accounting software, fills a unique niche for services companies seeking professional services automation software. Its actually the Project Accounting software that captures billable and non-billable revenues and expenses, reimburses employee expenses, generates invoices, defers revenue and delivers project-based financial analysis. Once time and expenses are entered to the accounting system, Intacct can impose configuration rules and workflow automation for routing and approval processing. For companies that also need skills management and resource planning, Intacct provides a vendor managed integration with partner Clarizen.

Intacct can use project-based billing rules and schedules to help manage billing terms—such as one time, recurring, fixed price and cost plus—and can accelerate the invoicing cycle by automatically generating invoices from timesheets, expenses, purchases and accounts payable transactions. This automation also increases invoice accuracy, eliminates manual rekeying of data and reduces revenue leakage. Invoices can also be tailor designed by customer and invoice rules, such as whether to consolidate project invoices per customer, can help streamline processes that otherwise consume many hours of manual intervention. And for compliance purposes, revenue recognition flexibility allows finance staff to decuple the billing schedule from how revenue is recognized in the financial statements. Finally, our review of project reporting found all the bases covered, including cash flow reporting, project benchmarks such as percentage complete, and profitability by project and customer.

Direct SaaS ERP competitor NetSuite also delivers a strong professional services solution, however, while both SaaS accounting solutions provide comparable front-end time and expense data capture, Intacct provides a subtle advantage with its flexible and well integrated project accounting capabilities.

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Intacct Software Review



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