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Few business software solutions receive as much attention as Payroll systems and for good reasons. Payroll can be complex—with business rules, integration to HR software and back-office finance, approval processing and workflow automation, and internal and regulatory reporting. Automating the pay process is a good first step, but tying organizational objectives and vendor capabilities isn't always straightforward. Here we compare market leading payroll systems to understand fit, differentiation, unique value, advantages and disadvantages. Payroll Software


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4 stars
Workday Software Evaluation—An Independent Expert Assessment
Workday Evaluation In very short order, Workday has pioneered HR and payroll cloud delivery, soared to the top of the Human Capital Management (HCM) software industry and become an alternative to market share leaders Infor, Oracle and SAP as well as a cadre of legacy payroll vendors. This Workday evaluation examines Workday strengths, weaknesses, limitations and costs.
4 stars
Infor Lawson Software Review
Infor Lawson Review For nearly half a century, Lawson has shown a tenacity that is unmatched in the enterprise software market. However, now under the Infor banner, the business software solution is showing new opportunities, challenges and some setbacks. This Infor Lawson review takes a deep dive to compare and contrast Lawson with competitors Oracle, SAP, Workday and others.

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4 stars
8 Payroll Best Practices — That Everybody Should Consider
Payroll Best Practices Payroll can be a leader in the area of cost-cutting and efficiency, and a shining example of best practices that can be mirrored elsewhere in the company. According to the Hacket Group, those companies using payroll best practices in the Fortune 1000 spend $85 per employee annually on payroll while those who do not follow industry recognized payroll best practices spend up to $715 per worker.
3 stars
How to Choose the Best Payroll Software
Payroll Software Evaluation Selecting the payroll software best suited to your company objectives, business processes and functional requirements can deliver both time and dollar savings, allowing you to do more with the same or lower number of staff. This article advises several critical success factors in the payroll software evaluation and selection process.
3 stars
Payroll Solution Options: Cloud, Hosted and On-Premise
Payroll Deployment Options Payroll software deployment and delivery options continue to increase. In addition to payroll services, there is hosted payroll, Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud payroll, and other outsourced models that can initially make things seem more complicated. But in reality new choices offer new benefits. To consider your choices, start by comparing payroll services, hosted payroll and cloud payroll.
3 stars
Reasons to Choose Payroll Software Instead of a Payroll Service
Payroll Software Over Payroll Service Payroll service firms, long seen as a de facto choice for companies looking to rid the time and compliance requirements of payroll processing, may no longer be the best solution for many businesses. The availability of powerful and cost effective in-house and cloud payroll software applications may well deliver business benefits and flexibility over service providers' offerings.
3 stars
Planning and Preparation for Payroll Software Implementations
Payroll Implementation Payroll is a complex and intricate system that requires special preparation prior to payroll software implementation. So critical is the pre-implementation phase that it can influence ultimate payroll system success or failure. There are three areas of focus, including processes, data and third party partners that must be carefully planned to achieve a successful payroll software cut-over.
3 stars
Crucial Steps When Moving From an Outsourced to In-house Payroll System
Payroll Outsource The challenges of bringing payroll in-house for SMBs that are currently outsourcing this function are many, but so are the benefits. To make the transition smoothly—and to achieve the savings that prompted the move in the first place—companies will need the full support of their payroll vendors along with thorough planning and preparation.


Payroll Software White Papers
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3.5 stars
HRMS Selection—A Proven Framework & Critical Success Factors
HRMS Selection The primary roles of a good HRMS solution are to serve employees and reduce costs to the company. While these goals are universally understood, and often mandated by management, the process of selecting a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) can be daunting. This HR software white paper delivers a solid HRMS selection framework with the most salient critical success factors.




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